Is someone snooping on your smartphone?

Unlock Guardians is an application service that allows you to check whether someone is snooping on your smartphone.
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In a private scene

When you're spending time with family and friends, your smartphone is at risk of being 'snooped on.'

With Unlock Guardians, we capture the unlock operators of your smartphone or tablet 24/7, regardless of indoor or outdoor settings, direct sunlight, or dimly lit places. We work tirelessly throughout the year to alleviate your concerns!

In a business scene

At places like your workplace or social gatherings, your smartphone is exposed to the risk of being 'snooped on.'

With Unlock Guardians, we capture not only during 'unlock' moments but also during 'unlock failure' incidents and when the Unlock Guardians app starts or stops due to powering the device on or off. If you ever feel the anxiety of 'Is someone snooping on my phone?'—begin by confirming the reality of that unease. To identify that 'someone,' Unlock Guardians is the perfect solution!

In emergencies like loss

When you forget or lose your smartphone on a train or bus, your phone is exposed to the risk of being 'snooped on.'

With Unlock Guardians, we also keep a record of the 'screen on/off' events, so (*) by checking the location information when the device was not in your possession, you can confirm where your phone was. If someone attempts to unlock your phone, we capture that operator as well. With Unlock Guardians, your worries can turn into peace of mind.

By installing Unlock Guardians on your device, you can be prepared for the 'what if' scenarios and use your smartphone with confidence in times of uncertainty.

It's an era where even smartphones need 'protection'!

In most cases, if you make a call to the lost smartphone and let it ring, you can intentionally turn the screen on and off.

Simply install Unlock Guardians and grant various permissions in the settings! To prevent 'snooping,' including attempted intrusions, the first step is to accurately record the unlocking history!"

Using Unlock Guardians does not require any particularly difficult operations. Simply download Unlock Guardians from the Google Play Store, launch the app, and, on the various settings screens, grant permission to Unlock Guardians for taking photos and obtaining location information. After that, just check your history using spare moments a few times a day! With just that, your "anxiety" will turn into "peace of mind." It's reassuring to know that the data obtained by Unlock Guardians is not transmitted outside of your device. The acquired data can only be viewed within the app on your device, so there is no need to worry about leakage. Please rest assured.

Indeed, you can also expect the preventive effect against "snooping"!

When using Unlock Guardians, the lock screen of your smartphone or tablet displays the message "Unlock Guardians is monitoring the device's unlock status." To illustrate this with a familiar example, it's akin to the security company stickers placed on the entrances of offices or gates of luxurious residences. Similar to the deterrent effect expected from having such a sticker, the lock screen display of Unlock Guardians can effectively prevent "snooping" in advance. If someone attempting to "snoop" on your phone sees that message, they won't be able to do so. Of course, any instances of "unlawful access" will be recorded.

The best scenario is to prevent "unlawful access" beforehand, allowing you to spend each day without such incidents. Unlock Guardians is a product developed for this purpose, and once you use it, the sense of "security" it provides is invaluable.

First and foremost, please try experiencing this sense of "security" for yourself by using Unlock Guardians!









Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a possibility of forgetting to capture the history?
Unlock Guardians is designed to operate in the background of your device at all times, capturing history. As long as various permissions are granted during usage, there should be no instances of history being missed in normal usage environments. However, depending on the situation, there is a possibility of history being lost.

We cannot guarantee that history will not be lost, especially based on the user's environment, such as the presence of numerous resident apps causing interruptions. We recommend checking during the 'free trial period' whether Unlock Guardians operates smoothly in your specific environment.
Is it possible for someone who has illegitimately unlocked the device to delete the recorded history of themselves being captured?
Unlock Guardians has a "Security Lock" feature, allowing you to set a passcode for the use of Unlock Guardians itself. Even if this "Security Lock" is bypassed and the unauthorized user deletes the captured history of themselves, a deletion record stating "History deleted" is retained. Furthermore, in the event that Unlock Guardians is uninstalled by the unauthorized user, all past history is deleted. Even if Unlock Guardians is reinstalled afterward, traces of the uninstallation should remain. Unlock Guardians is designed to leave some form of evidence for every operation performed by an "unauthorized user.
Is there a possibility of leakage of historical data?
The historical data obtained by Unlock Guardians, including photos and location information, is not transmitted outside the device at all. The acquired historical data can only be accessed by users when the device is unlocked, and it remains confidential during the usage of Unlock Guardians. Please rest assured.
What if I want to use Unlock Guardians on multiple devices?
Unlock Guardians is designed for use on one Android device per Google Play account. If you wish to use Unlock Guardians on multiple devices, please ensure you have a corresponding Google Play account for each device.
Is there Unlock Guardians available for iPhone?
Unlock Guardians is currently available as an app for Android smartphones and tablets, and there is no lineup for iPhone and iPad at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Is there Unlock Guardians for PC?
We currently do not have a lineup for Unlock Guardians on PC. We apologize for any inconvenience. Regarding compatibility with Mac and Windows PC, we are considering future additions to the Unlock Guardians lineup to support these platforms.

Does Unlock Guardians Lite support languages other than English?

Unlock Guardians Lite also supports Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese, in addition to English.

Is there a free version of the Unlock Guardians app?

Unlock Guardians offers a fully free version called 'Unlock Guardians Lite,' which includes some feature restrictions and displays advertisements.

You can download it from the following URL. If you wish to use the complete free version, please visit the provided site below.

Please note! 'Snooping' and 'peeking' are different!

In Unlock Guardians, "Snooping" on a smartphone refers to the unauthorized unlocking of another person's device to snoop on activities such as chat exchanges and call logs.

"Peeking," on the other hand, describes the act of surreptitiously observing the contents of a smartphone while the owner is using it, as if peeking from behind. Unlock Guardians currently cannot prevent this "peeking" behavior due to the current specifications. Please be aware of this limitation.

As for the free trial period of Unlock Guardians,

The free trial period for Unlock Guardians is three days. You will receive a notification from Google Play two days before the trial period ends, so please rest assured.

Additionally, updates and various announcements regarding Unlock Guardians are provided through our official social media channels. We would greatly appreciate it if you could also follow or add Unlock Guardians' official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts as well.

First and foremost, we encourage you to take this opportunity to experience the peace of mind offered by Unlock Guardians firsthand. Give it a try and feel the reassurance it brings!


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