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Regarding the version upgrade of Unlock Guardians Lite

Information about version upgrades and various announcements for Unlock Guardians Lite is provided through our official social media channels. We would appreciate it if you could also follow and connect with us on Unlock Guardians Lite's official Twitter, LINE, Facebook, and Instagram.

First and foremost, please take this opportunity to experience the "peace of mind" that Unlock Guardians Lite offers for yourself!

Introduction to our YouTube channel

We have launched a YouTube channel.

"How do you use Unlock Guardians Lite?" We have created and uploaded a video on YouTube that simulates various usage scenarios for Unlock Guardians Lite.

■ Background of the Video Production
Our research and interviews revealed that many people had experienced unauthorized snooping on their smartphones by close family members or friends. Those who had such experiences particularly expressed a strong need to prevent such snooping in the future and showed a keen interest in using Unlock Guardians Lite. However, it was also clear that even if Unlock Guardians Lite identified unauthorized snooping by someone close, many preferred to avoid direct confrontation, especially with friends. They wanted to handle the situation as smoothly and amicably as possible without causing any trouble. As developers of Unlock Guardians Lite, our goal is to prevent unauthorized snooping from damaging personal relationships and societal trust, not to incite conflicts. With this perspective, we have created a video simulating various usage scenarios of Unlock Guardians Lite and launched the Unlock Guardians Lite YouTube channel to share this information widely.

In a Private Setting
The story begins with two female friends dining at a restaurant. When one of the friends, who should be close, is caught attempting to snoop on the other's smartphone by Unlock Guardians Lite, the narrative explores how the woman reacts to her friend's attempted snooping and what actions she takes in response.

■ In a Business Setting
The story begins with a man suspecting that his smartphone is being snooped on in the workplace. Eventually, through the use of Unlock Guardians Lite, it is revealed that his colleagues at work are indeed snooping on him. However, as he prefers to resolve the issue without direct confrontation, he finds himself pondering how to proceed. Additionally, given the nature of the workplace, he must consider how to address the issue without causing rifts in future relationships. Now, how will he navigate resolving this problem?

■ In Emergency Situations Such as Loss
The story begins with an elderly woman leaving her smartphone on a bus. Realizing she has lost her phone, she tries calling it but receives no response. Eventually, the phone is returned to her, but even in such emergencies, Unlock Guardians Lite subtly plays a role.

■ It's the Era Where Smartphones Need "protection charms"!
Currently, smartphone and tablet security relies heavily on "passcodes" or "passwords." However, considering that these can often be deduced by those close to us, there's a need to prepare for the possibility of them being easily bypassed. However, if the unauthorized entry of such "passcodes" or "passwords" results in a log of unlock attempts accurately recorded, it can serve as a potent deterrent against would-be snoops. Understanding the presence of Unlock Guardians Lite means individuals won't attempt to bypass the lock on a smartphone where it's active. Even those unaware of Unlock Guardians Lite would risk being discovered if they attempted unauthorized access or failed to unlock the device. From this perspective, we believe that accurately recording the history of "unlockers" is the foundation of IT device security. Unlock Guardians Lite was born as a tool for this purpose.
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